My Time At An Aa Meeting Essay

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My Time at an AA Meeting
Alcoholics Anonymous is an outlet available internationally to individuals suffering through addiction to alcohol. It has been around since the 1930’s and has been used ever since, helping millions of men and women overcome their addiction. AA has set a standard for group therapy geared towards overcoming alcohol addiction. I am currently an Active Duty member of the Air Force, currently stationed in South Korea. While we don’t have traditional AA meetings offered on base, we do have other avenues to help cope with an alcohol dependency. The Air Force offers a structured treatment with the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT) program, as well as group sessions through the Chaplain Corp. The main difference between AA and what is offered on base to military personnel is that the military community is very small and the likely hood of knowing the people in your group is very high. (What are AA Meetings?)
Facing the Unknown
I arrived at the group session a few minutes early, I had a slight nervous feeling, almost as if I was about to take a written exam. I knew that the group would be open and welcoming, but I was unsure how they would feel when I explained that I was only attending for a college assignment. Everyone in the room had two things in common; a tendency to drink to a point that it was affecting their lives in some way, and a personal desire to overcome their dependency. I was the exception in the room. I am an occasional…

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