My Time At The University Of Mississippi Essay

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When I first decided to go back to college after being out for a number of years, I was not sure what I wanted to do. My husband and I discussed what field I should pursue and I decided to go into Social Work. Our lives are forever changed because of the decision. I started at the University of Mississippi in Tupelo in August, 2014.
I felt that all the classes I took were very helpful in my pursuit of my education. SW 450 Fields of Social Work was the only class that I felt did not help me in any way. It seems that this class just discussed things that we had gone over time and time again and did not offer any new information. I may be the only student that feels that way, but it was my experience. At the beginning of my time at Ole Miss, I did not understand why I was required to take WRIT 250 Advanced Composition. However, after taking the class, I recommend it to anyone that will be required to write a paper. I think it helped me in my Social Work classes and helped make me a better paper writer.
I enjoyed all of my professors at the University and enjoyed their classes. It was clear to me that all the professors loved social work and wanted to pass their knowledge on to new social workers. I enjoyed the personal stories told and that they did not try to sugar coat the life of a social worker and stressed how stressful it could be. Each professor talked about “self-care” and even as an intern, I see how important that it is now and will be in my future as a Social Worker.…

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