My Wedding Is A Beautiful Wedding Essay

1137 Words May 25th, 2016 null Page
Our wedding lasted 7 days and it was a beautiful wedding. People came from all over the world to celebrated our wedding; they stayed up all night dancing and all morning preparing. I was told that the wedding was not about us, it was about the people and looking back that is so true. But today, one year later Abu and I will celebrate our marriage. Our one year of an amazing marriage I am so happy Alhamdulila. Allahuma la hasad, Allahuma this feeling stays this way and Allah continues to bless us, because this has been one of the best years of my life. Marriage is not about your wedding day it’s about the time after, the journey. Every day for the past 365 days I have felt more comfortable and learnt to love him more and more and he has shown me so much love, more than I could have imagined. Now that is something worth celebrating. Nevertheless, I can’t help but think of the actual hours right before I got married, the nervousness the panicking the certain yet uncertain feeling. Those hours are so vivid and clear in my mind as though it were yesterday. I woke up an hour before Fajer thinking I will be married in a few hours, (just after Fajer). I prayed istikhara for the billionth time but this time was different as it will be my last istikhara. , “Oh Allah makes him what I want in a husband and makes me what he wants in a wife. Oh Allah make us both what you want in our 3ibad, and bless this marriage”. My mother who was also awake reminded me that I could still change my…

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