Nature And Nurture : The Mind Of A Serial Killer Essay

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I have always been fascinated by the operations of the human brain, which is why I decided to study Psychology. When I was living in South Africa my major was law, and my minor was Criminology. Having this background and being able to see the difference in America has truly expanded my interest how the mind of a serial killer works.
Who would ever guess that the baby born mere seconds ago would grow up to become a serial killer? Did Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents know that he would grow up to cut people into pieces? How about Ted Bundy? Could his parents ever suspect that the precious baby boy would become one of the most feared and hunted men in America? No, I do not believe that as babies any parent can predict what the future would hold for their child. I believe that nature and nurture both play a role in the development of the human brain, as well as the deciding factors of what the mind will accomplish.
The F.B.I defined serial murders as: “The unlawful killing of two or more victims by the same offender(s) in separate events” (Morton). This implies that the serial murderer plans to kill another. This takes a great deal of planning, motivation and patience. Serial killers possess all these qualities as they plan a murder.
Most serial killers can be diagnosed with mental disorders. The most common disorders associated with serial killers are Antisocial Personality Disorder [APD]. The DSM IV classifies all disorders associated in the cluster B personality which…

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