Night And The Movie Life Is Beautiful Essay

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Before WW11, As the German government and community were collapsing, Adolf Hitler rose to power. He soon convinced his followers that Jews were a threat and needed to be killed. The Holocaust was the mass killings of 6 million innocent jews, led by Adolf Hitler. These were innocent people just like us that the Nazi Germans believed were undesirable. They were killed, beaten, starved, and tortured.Life is Beautiful and Night are both stories involving families trying to survive the Holocaust. The book Night and the movie Life is Beautiful, is that the tone, the conclusion, and the relationship between Joshua and Elie all are all very similar and different at the same time. Both portray themes of sacrifice, hope, and love and the effects it has when in terrible situations.
The relationship between Joshua and Elie are very different,unique, and similar. Both were young children, Eli was 14 and Joshua 4. They were meant to be killed as they were very young and Nazis saw them as no use, but were snuck in and both were with their loving fathers. Also Joshua and Elie were very young innocent children, but in the book Night, Elie Wiesel came to know about the horrors of the concentration camp and lived through them himself. Joshua was lucky enough to not figure out what was going on. His father, Guido made him believe it was a game. He says that the one who wins the game gets a big tank, making Joshua do everything his father says in order to get to 1,000 points and get the big…

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