One Time For Ya Mind Essay

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One time for ya mind
First off all praise be to the most high!!
We are born to die.
You gotta live like no-one else so you can live like no-one else.
You got people living to dieand people dying to live.
People don 't plan to fail they, fail to plan. Always look out for yourself If your a hustler plan on going to jail and put some money up. If your a pimp plan on one of your hoes running off or getting out the game
If your a soldier plan on going to war load up on ammunition ahead of time.
You know a lot of people don 't know me they just know about me.
Matter fact a lot of people don 't know themselves.
Ima tell y 'all some things you may or may not know about me
Im good is a LIE I often tell.
I LOVE late nights and early mornings
When it rains I BELIEVE that 's god sweating
The only thing I WINDOW SHOP is women
The only thing im GUILTY of is grinding backwards
For a principle or belief that I stand on that 's how ima DIE
I have these visions all the time of the man I am to be if I had to choose between extreme happiness and extreme sorrow, I would always choose sorrow.
I 'm numb to it that 's how I FEEL
The bills coming that 's all I KNOW negativity is The only thing I 've ever RAN from
Optimistic and not pessimistic that 's what I AM
Standing on my own 2 that 's WHAT IM DOING
Blessed beyond belief that 's HOW IM DOING like the king that I am that 's HOW IM LIVING
Im too inclined for people 's mind but here goes nothing listen to my message and…

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