Our Country Is The Beautiful Conglomeration Of European Nations

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I. Intoduction
Our country is the beautiful conglomeration of European nations known as Genovia. We have very strong local traditions and cultures, but are very open to immigrants. We have accredited educators and well-established universities, and we plan to carry this professionalism over into our primary education in order to establish more hard-working and driven citizens. We are a fairly wealthy country and therefore strive to be a high tech economy; however, Asian countries are beating us in manufacturing, and we would like to regain our status as top producer. We are also struggling with our over-confidence in ourselves, and that is a main reason we are revising our education system. For a while, we thought we were doing great on the PISA exam, but our recent reviews show that we are not as proficient on this test as we assumed.
II. Goals and Curricula
As we mentioned in the introduction, we have a few issues we need to improve in our country. Our nation has set a few goals in order to address these issues. In order to stay specific in our goals, we have divided them into sub categories of societal and economic goals. Our societal goals are to prepare hardworking and knowledgeable citizens in order to take back our status in manufacturing and rise above Asian manufacturing within our own nation. We are a wealthy country and hope to maintain that status through our own resources and manufacturing, which brings me to our next category; economic. Our economic goals…

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