Personal Note On Time Management Essay

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1. Time Management - I have been terrible at time management my whole life, ever since I can remember. One of the reasons I believe that I am bad at time management is that I tend to procrastinate too much, especially when it comes to school and school work such as studying and doing homework. I tend to just watch videos such as Netflix or Youtube, or play video games to pass the time so that I don’t have to do or think about my responsibilities of school or work and because of that, the time I have to do other stuff is limited and not as much as I would like. The main way I plan to combat this problem is keep to a strict schedule and keep a planer to know what I need to get done at a specific time on any given day. After I keep to that schedule and get everything I plan to get done is when I can do other activities such as watch Netflix or hang out with friends.

2. Homework - Just like time management I have also been terrible at doing my homework or at least doing my homework on time, and some of that stems from time management and procrastination as well. In high school I never really did my homework or studied and got by with decent grades and I felt that I could carry the same mentality across when coming to college but I was obviously wrong and I know that now. To be successful in college I now know that I have to do every assignment and hand it in on the correct due date. Time management will also help me to accomplish this goal.

3. Organization - As a small…

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