Preparing The Mind For Logic Essay

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In Part One: Preparing the Mind for Logic, McInerny first denotes two ideals. The first is objective logic; ideas that derive from concrete facts. If one thinks of an idea of a cat, this is a solid idea since one knows exactly what a cat looks like from physically seeing the animal the world has named cat. Objective logic is broken down even further to facts. One fact is described by a tangible idea such as The White House. The White House existence can be proven on its own. It exists in life; we ourselves can physically see it with our own eyes (McInerny 2004, 4). The next fact one has to prove through research. The Lincoln Assassination as McInerny describes, was true based on documentation, word of mouth, written history about the event. However, one physically did not see the event happen and has to rely on these sources (McInerny 2004, 5).
The next ideal is Subjective. This specific logic is an idea or feeling that only one person can experience at a time, such as a headache. Only the person to have the headache is experiencing the physical pain, nonetheless it is happening and people can have their own outside opinions on it, since they are not directly having the headache themselves (McInerny 2004, 6).
All of our ideas are never completely severed from the objective world, we always reflect back to the object we live with and see every day. They are objective in our minds. Our thought process derives from a thing then to an idea when come up with in our minds based…

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