Principles of Management Essay

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Allison Reach
Mr. Michael King
Principles of Management
December 2, 2010

Case Application: Mixing It Up

In July of 2000, General Mills acquired Pillsbury from London based Diageo for $10.5 billion in stock and assumed debt. (All Business, A D&B Company) After the merger, managers from General Mills were now faced with integrating the two Minnesota based companies. A special concern that had been brought up was marketing issues. With such household names such as Pillsbury, Betty Croker, Green Giant, Wheaties, and Cheerios, the managers at General Mills had a large task at hand on how to continue to market the many brands under their umbrella. As said by Kevin Wilde, the company’s chief learning officer, they had wanted to
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Robbins 244). There have been nine potential team roles have been identified. In high-performing work-teams, people have to fill all of these roles and have selected people, based on their skills and preferences, to fulfill these roles (Stephen P. Robbins 253). Norms are standards or expectations that are accepted and shared by a group’s members. These group norms will dictate everything from output levels to absenteeism rates to promptness or tardiness. Most likely the most widespread norms are related to the levels of effort and performance. Work groups usually provide their members with “explicit cues on how to work hard, what level of output to have, when to look busy, when it’s acceptable to goof-off, and the like.” Individuals are susceptible to conformity pressures because they desire acceptance from the group to which they belong (Stephen P. Robbins 245). Status is a prestige grading, position, or a rank within a group. Status may informally be characterized by education, age, skill, or experience. Members of groups do not have problems placing others into status categories, and they will usually agree upon who is high, low, and in the middle. It is important for the employees of a company to believe that the organization’s formal status system is “congruent”. “There should be equity between the perceived ranking of an individual and the status symbols he or she is given by the

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