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In order to achieve this, it is essential to deploy 10 gigabit modules on the P & PE routers, 10 gigabit modules on the customer edge switches. This would ensure that each node has enough capacity to the edge and core for current and future traffic. The Capacity Upgrade project covered the 12 switch sites of MTN Nigeria.

Project Objective

The increase in traffic on the IP/MPLS Backbone across the network in all the switch sites, and the recurring packet loss on the IP/MPLS congested links, have resulted in revenue loss on the GSM network these necessitated the need to upgrade the capacities of the present 1G links to a 10G link, on all the P - PE and PE to CE links.

Project Scope

The architecture of the MTN Nigeria 10G Capacity Upgrade comprises of the following:

• P Nodes are situated at the following switch sites (Ojota, Ikoyi, Abuja and Asaba)

• PE-Nodes are situated at all the 12 switch sites.

• The Customer edge nodes are situated at the 12 switch sites.

The P nodes form the core of the IP/MPLS backbone and are responsible for layer2 MPLS label forwarding at very high speed across the backbone.

The PE and P nodes interfaces are responsible for Layer-3 look-ups and swaps between layer 2 labels and layer 3 packets and it also terminates connections for the customer edge switches. This role will be fulfilled by the Cisco 12410 and 12406 routers

The customer edge CE nodes interface with

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