Essay about Psychology : The Mind And Behavior

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1. “Explain how psychology is related to biology, and give specific examples. Do you think it is possible for mental processes to ever be completely separate from biological processes? Why or why not? ”
Biology studies the body, the structure, and body functions. Every move and idea come from the body. Psychology studies the mind and behavior. Psychology studies the mind where biology studies the body biology and psychology work together if one changes it will affect the other for example. A child who has been abused (psychological) is much more likely to develop depression (biological). I don’t think the mental process could be separated from the biological because they work together a body can 't function without the mind, nor can the mind function without the body.

2. “Imagine that you want to know whether being in a happy mood makes people more likely to help others. Briefly design a study that would allow you to infer that happiness causes helping behavior. Be sure to include the following in your description: the type of research design, the groups, the dependent and independent variables, and how you will operationally define the variables.”

Two middle school teachers are doing an experimental study on their classes. There 're two classes that tied for first place for the school fundraiser. There are ten students in each classroom. Classroom number one, won a pizza party and $1000, and classroom number two won $1000. Classroom number one was excited and happy.…

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