Essay on Public Charities Organizations Of All Time

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Outside the company, William Aramony’s use of donated funds betrayed the trust of many contributors, who would inevitably withhold further funding. This withholding of funds in turn effected the local charities and relief efforts that would have benefited from the suspended donations. Unfortunately, local charities were doubly effected since they also failed to receive potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars that were instead redirected to Aramony’s salary and personal activities. From an external point of view, Aramony accrued much trust and admiration by shaping United Way into one of the foremost charity organizations of all time. As a result, the investigation that revealed Aramony’s lifestyle only amplified the distrust of those who so highly regarded him.
Internally however, the company and employees were forced to endure the continuing loss even after Aramony retired. Even though William was eventually imprisoned (which only added to the scandal’s publicity), United Way was ordered to pay two million dollars in Aramony’s retirement benefits. In addition to losing donors, the esteemed charity, was once again forced to redirect much needed funds into the hands of William Aramony. Even initially, the company culture that Aramony had created caused strained employer/employee relationships as management applied extreme pressure to meet goals due to high publicity. Being ultimately responsible for company culture Aramony failed convey a correct sense of…

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