Puerto Rico, A Beautiful Island That Floats On The Caribbean Sea

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Puerto Rico is a beautiful island that floats on the Caribbean Sea. The island is filled with outgoing people that represent their culture. For myself, I am full decent Puerto Rican and have much family there. I always loved how it felt and looked when I visited. Discovering some awesome historic structures at Puerto Rico was amazing as well. The food and music make most countries special in their own way but this one is like no other. Puerto Rico has many things to do and visit. To begin with, the traditions and beliefs in Puerto Rico are exciting throughout the year. Their influence came from countries such as Spain, Africa, and Taino Indians. Their number one holiday is Christmas time. The reason for that is because Puerto Ricans use the traditional “Parrandas”. It is basically a type of carol singing done in the culture. Parranderos play some sort of instrument to surprise to fellow friend(s) at night, either guitarras, tamboriles, güiro maracas, or palitos. So they use this wonderful piece of music to celebrate with each other. This tradition is like a family thing for all Puerto Ricans. After this is done, Puerto Ricans know it is Christmas. Their Christmas is the longest out of any other nation with November 23 being the first day and the last day in January being the last. Their Christmas is long because they have three symbols of Santa Claus. They are called them the Three Kings. It is basically the same with exchanging gifts on Christmas. This holiday is a key…

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