Reading Is The Mind What Exercise Essay

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My Reading Experiences “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” (Addison). Reading is in all different forms and at some part of your life I am guessing you learned how to read. Have you ever thought where your experiences of reading has taken you or why you pick up a book in the first place is it because you have to, school work, just plan interested in reading, or maybe your job. Everyone has their own reason for reading. Reading is a big part of my life and should be a part of everyone’s also, reading as taught everyone has their own way of reading, helped me with school, and more importantly has given me many memories that I will always have to share. When I started reading it was not my favorite thing to do, I always felt like most books never caught my attention and I never knew what genre I liked. Once I got older I started to read books that had movies that went with them because I liked to compare the two after watching and reading both. Also I found out I like reading more short stories that hits the main details and summarizes it all up for. Mokoto Rich explains that everyone is worried that Nadia is not reading hard back books, but she is reading online where that she can make the story how she wants and read stuff that entertains her (Rich 54). Reading can come in many different styles and where Nadia is coming from I can understand because if I am going to read a book it is going to be something that I enjoy and that is going to keep me…

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