Reflection On My Thoughts And Mind Essay

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Day 7, Regenerate your energy and emotions, by applying the walking meditation technique (especially at the end of the week, where you would like to start the next day, with a fresh pleasant vision of yourself). Finally you have reached day 7 of your program. It has been quite interesting and enriching for you. You are now left, with one more tip before you are left on your own, to start reconnecting with yourself and simple things to do, to reorient yourself towards more positivity.
Today, you are going to learn how to refresh your thoughts and mind, for the week. Many people need that, to start new and fresh, for the week to come. Almost like a therapy session, it will consist of walking straight (like on a straight line), and talking to yourself, for about 30 minutes. You must be thinking to yourself “is that all?” But you see, this works, like when you are in a creative process, and you need movements to find the right ideas. You will use gestures, sometimes you will talk to yourself, play scenarios in your head, standing up. This is the same thing here, you are being in movement, and kind of stirring thoughts in your head (the negative ones), so that you can change perspectives. Depressive people are constrained to keep things to themselves, and keep their thoughts inside of them. Talking to yourself, helps you exteriorize these thoughts.
This is how it goes:
- You’ll certainly do this exercise by the end of the weekend, so you will have just enough time at…

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