Religion Is A Waste Of Time Essay

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Religion has always had a large part in the way people live their lives, in history and today. But the most powerful and important role that religion plays is how it affects the human itself. For some people religion provides answers to ultimate meaning, questions that nobody can answer. Questions such as, “Why are we here on Earth? And what is the purpose in living?” The answers vary depending on which religion, but ultimately there is no factual answer to those questions. A force that drives people towards religion is fear and they will seek out religion for comfort. Religion has been a part of human society since the first civilizations, but there have always been those who question it. Religion is questioned because proven science often can contradict the stories that make up a religion. Many people believe that religion is a waste of time, and that there’s no such thing as a God or a higher power. One of the most outspoken author to question beliefs and religion is Kurt Vonnegut, who in his novel, Cat’s Cradle, shows the detrimental aspects of religion and its impact on a society. Vonnegut highlights the negative impact that religion can have on a society by telling a tale in which putting faith in religion becomes fatal. In Cat’s Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut created a made up religion called “Bokononism.” It is the religion of the inhabitants on the island of San Lorenzo. It’s completely based on “foma”, which Bokonon, the creator of Bokononism, defines as lies. The…

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