Essay on Restaurant Total Lead Time Management

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Restaurant - Total Lead Time Management
Discussion Board Assignment

You are a consultant, and have been retained by a restaurant to reduce average customer wait time on orders. You use the "Total Lead Time" timeline tool discussed in class, with it's four main time milestones--- 1) Order Received; 2) Order Started 3) Order Completed/Shipped and 4) Order Received by Customer.

The basic process is as follows:
1) Guests are seated promptly upon arrival.
2) A Server greets them at their table in a timely manner.
3) The Server then takes the order, and writes it on the paper order sheet/pad, along with the current time.
4) The Server then enters the order into a computer located at a Server station in the Dining Room. The time
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I would focus on the time it takes from the kitchen “Order Completed/ Ready to the time the server takes the order to the customers table and then goes back to the server station to enter that the “Order is Received by Customer”.

B) What are three questions you would ask regarding this part of the timeline?

1. Is the server waiting on other customers at this time and possibly not able to take the order to the table immediately that the kitchen says it is ready?
2. In most restaurants there is a floor supervisor/manager helping with providing timely and efficient customer service. Are they monitoring and helping the server take out the food or checking with customers to see if they are in need of anything during their wait time?
3. Does the server actually get back to the server station without distractions such as clearing empty plates or checking on other tables to enter in the correct “Order Received by Customer” time?

C) How could the Server and Cook “game” the system? How could you check?

Servers and cooks could “game” the system by not entering in correct times. With a POS service system you should be able to monitor times to see if the process for entering in the customer order, to preparation of the meal and delivery of service. A good manager should be monitoring

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