Essay about Salinger 's Theory Of The Unconscious Mind

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Salinger is raised in an upper class in New York just as his character Holden as mentioned in the website Cliffsnotes. Although they seem to have more of what is essential, both Salinger and Holden are not satisfied. Holden is being portrayed as an adolescent who is alone and does not have anyone by his side that he truly cares about, which affects him because “While biology may have some part to play in the development of human psychology, environment also has an important role” (Hall 105). Salinger creates Holden to become depressed by how his unpleasant childhood makes him embroil into these emotions that have not found a sense of relief by Holden stating “Anyway, [I am] sort of glad [they have] got the atomic bomb…[I am] going to sit right the hell on top it” (Salinger 141). Freud’s theory of the unconscious mind emphasizes on most of the issues being “unacceptable or unpleasant, such as feelings of pain, anxiety, or conflict” (Cherry 2). Holden is giving up and is willing to die, but by the atomic bomb emphasizing that once he is gone no one will be able to identify him because he thinks that his life does not matter. Also, Holden associates himself with the Great Gatsby by how having money and power does not make his life any better. His unconscious holds all of his devastation and secrets that he does not live a joyful life.
Being alone for most of his life does not give Holden a lot of good company. Salinger’s secluded life is being presented onto Holden who wants…

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