Essay on School Is A Waste Of Time

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College degrees are very important these day, these are many students who try to go to college and get their degree. But some students don’t know what they should do in college and how to avoid the failure in classes. The problem that most students have is their attitude toward school. Some students think school is a waste of time. Almost every student think do homework, and go to school is not the best way to live their life. This attitude will not help students in school, if they want to learn. Most students can fix this attitude if they see school with positive mindset. First, he/she has to do is change all of his/her negative thought to positive. Ferris State University stated “Focus on what you can learn rather than the degree you will earn.” (Developing A Positive Mindset). Students only focus what they will learn from school, not the degree which won’t help much if they don’t learn anything. Next is to change negative thought to positive with positive mindset. When there is a negative thought come into mind, he/she may use this trick to change his/her mind. The trick is when he/she feel lazy and don’t want to do homework, he/she should find the motivation that drive his/her thought to come back to positive. Motivation is very important for every student that want to success and accomplish his/her goal(s). The next problem is student’s confidence, some students are not feeling confident about what they’re doing or feel confident enough to go to school and interact…

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