Essay on Science Is A Beautiful Subject

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Science is a beautiful subject. On top of answering questions about existence in general, scientific advances go as far as saving lives; however, a number of these ideas, no matter how impressive they seem at first glance, have good intentions but are in no way ethical. A growing problem, not only in the United States but the rest of the world, is a surplus of people needing organ transplants, and a lack of matching organs. It is human nature to strive towards survival, but the solutions are not always ethical nor practical. Currently under debate is the idea of putting human DNA in fertile eggs in order to make clones of individuals, and therefore matching organs. Not only is the act of cloning humans almost certain failure, but is also unethical.
Cloning can be defined as different ways to create genetically identical copies of a living creature. There are several types of cloning, but in terms of making identical copies of humans, reproductive cloning comes into play. The goal of reproductive cloning is to add the DNA of the cloning subject into an empty egg. There are two ways of performing this: by “removing the DNA-containing nucleus and inject it into the empty egg”, and by sending “an electric current to fuse the entire somatic cell with the empty egg” ("Cloning Fact Sheet" ). After one of these methods is put into use, the idea is to put one of these fertile eggs into an adult female. Cloning has been done, but more problems have been created in the process than…

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