Scientific Management Essay

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Scientific management is theory of management that analysed and maximise the potential of workflows. The main reason for the existence of scientific management is to improve economic efficiency, for example like labour productivity. Frederick Winslow Taylor introduced the principal of scientific management in 1911 and he was also known as the father of scientific management that changes the world of management. Scientific management methods includes analysed, synthesis, work ethic, efficiency, standardization of best practises, elimination of time wastage and turning transformation of hands-on production into mass production (T Fredrick, 2003).

Scientific management has been used in organizations throughout the world
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Therefore time studies (also known as time and motion studies) is being use aiming to increase productivity, for example, using a stopwatch to time the worker’s sequences of motions, with the motive of achieving the one best way to perform a job, meaning standardizing of time needed to complete certain job would help minimizing time wastage and increase efficiency (, 2011)
Next, motivating and empowering the workforce is very important. Every employee is different, each company workflow may have different characteristics, and different time and locations may incur difference problems the affect motivation and empowerment of the employees (J Wood, R Zeffane, M Fromholtz, R Wiesner, A Creed, 2006). But using of time studies has taken away their motivations and empowerment. In order for the company to increase productivity, the company reduces the employee’s leisure time. The core job dimensions sure as skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback are all missing in the picture of scientific management (, 2011).

Lastly, in my opinion I would agree that scientific management is a good idea in management as without scientific management, we would not have mass production and without mass production, manufacturing cost would be

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