Self Interpretive Essay

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Anne Riley Laid Off: One of the most interesting topics covered in class for me was that of emotions and moods. I have a hard time understanding when and how to express my emotions. This has been a real problem for me in all of my relationships, both professional and personal. Though I have never been laid off I feel I relate to the case of Anne Riley to some degree. Anne was able to better understand and recognize her emotions and in the long run benefited from that knowledge. The case begins with Anne Riley meeting with a recruiter from Goldman Sachs’ Private
Equity Group. She is hoping that this interview will eventually pay off with a permanent job upon her graduation. Throughout the case many descriptive words were used so
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I have worked hard all through my life in order to get what I need. In order to pay for my schooling I have, at times, held multiple jobs while being fully invested in my education. I too understand that in life the more work you put into it the better the pay off in the end. Storrow was a prestigious firm with a worldwide reach and a focus across a wide range of industries. Though Anne had received multiple offers from other firms she chose to stay with Storrow due to this prestige and the, as quoted from the case, “’great people’ she had met.” Knowing where she wanted to go in life Anne sought out the best group to work for within this firm, manufacturing investments. Her position was focused on lean initiatives for the current portfolio as well as performance measuring, financial projections, and debt management. Though she worked for the “best group” within the company, Anne was one of 25 pre-MBA analysts hired and trained in 2008. At the time none of the analysts were concerned about job security as the firm had not experienced layoffs in their history. For the company I currently work for we are always celebrating our growth. As our CEO and leadership put it we have gotten back to growth. We are no longer in a survival mode but we are able to look for opportunities to create jobs and add to our people and assets. Most everyone within my

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