Essay on Sigmund Freud And The Human Mind Of All Time

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September 23, 1939 and at the age of 83 Sigmund Freud was giving his last words to the doctor, explaining what for him was more of a torture than helpful for him and after her daughter confirmed his wishes, Sigmund Freud saw himself giving his last breath after 3 shots of morphine that made him felt into a coma that will not let him open his eyes ever again. Sigmund Freud was one of the most important researchers of the human mind of all time; his work is still used in psychological practices now a day.
It all started in 1856 when a little boy was born given the name of Sigmund Freud, a normal day for his parents’ but a day that would change the world’s knowledge of psychology forever. Born into a simple family that consisted in a mother, and a widowed father with two sons from the past marriages. Sigmund Freud was the first born out of 8 children of the second marriage of Jacob Freud. The first four years of his life, his family and he lived in Freiberg, Austria now known as Czech Republic the town in which he was born, after this time his family decided to move to Vienna, Austria place in which he would live the majority of his life. Living in a crowded family and with limited finances Sigmund Freud was given every effort made by his parents’ for him and his brothers and sisters to be great, even thought it wasn’t easy choosing a career because of his parents beliefs he ended studying medicine receiving his medical degree in 1881 at the University of Vienna, after 7…

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