Soc 315 Cultural Diversity / Complete Class Essay

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SOC 315 Cultural Diversity / Complete Class

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SOC 315 Week 1: Individual Assignment: Cultural Background Summary

Using the UOP Material “You as a Culturally Diverse Entity,” prepare a 700-word Cultural Background Summary of your personal cultural background. This paper should highlight the different sources that have contributed to your cultural background. Additionally, speculate on the extent to which your current identity has been molded by assimilation, acculturation, and/or a climate of pluralism.
SOC 315 Week 1 DQs 1, 2 Included
SOC 315 Week 2: Individual Assignment: Ethnocentrism Matrix

Complete the UOP Material
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Describe the context, the principle players, and the outcome of the situation. Be attentive to verbal and nonverbal components in the experience you describe.
A diagnosis of the communication issue. Using two outside sources, research the cultural norms of the principles players involved in the given situation. Explain how these cultural norms may have impacted the communication transaction.
Strategies for dealing with the issue. Using your text, provide several recommendations that would have prevented the issue and paved the way for more effective communication.
This paper should be 1,050 to 1,400 words. Your final paper must include at least two sources (other than the class text) cited properly in the text and with proper reference listings at the end of your paper.
SOC 315 Week 3 Team Assignment: Outline of Diversity Action Plan

Due to future trends in population growth, it will be more important than ever for organizations to prepare for the challenges and opportunities presented by diversity. The learning team diversity action plan will consist of a 2800-3500-word report and 20-minute presentation (for online students: PowerPoint® presentation with notes) designed to assist your organization or work group to prepare for these trends. The following are items that should be considered in the diversity action plan:
Using at least two outside sources, the presentation and report should summarize trends in

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