State Asset Management And State Management Essay

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The practice of state asset management being recognized by many countries due to its essential role to perform public service provision. Many countries realize that efficient and effective state asset management policies and practices will give more benefits more than the government’s initial investment. State asset management practices in every country may different as there is a difference in some aspects such as different in definition and scope of the asset, accounting and information system used, the level of private sector and civil society involved, and asset utilization policies. However, despite the variance in state asset management practices, there some common challenges were identified as well as lack of accountability and governance and incomplete information system. It points to the need of state asset management reform aiming good governance practices in state asset management which ultimately will lead to an improvement of performance, efficiency, and effectiveness of public sector which are the main goal of new public management (Kaganova & Nayyar-Stone, 2000; Lu & Wang, 2010). Such prevalent challenges have resulted in an enthusiasm of reform in state asset management in many countries namely China, Kuwait, Croatia, and Indonesia. Therefore, this essay will focus on state asset management reform in Indonesia.
The link between new public management and state asset management
Since the 1980s, the idea of new public management has been widely implemented by…

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