Essay about Strategic Management

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Title: Strategic Planning "Competing in Changing Markets"

Assignment topic
Develop a vision statement, a mission statement and a statement of values, and explain their appropriateness. Undertake an internal analysis of the organisation and an analysis of its external environment, using several appropriate tools like an industry five forces analysis. Craft strategies and explain their appropriateness.

Word count (from the start of the Introduction section to the end of the Conclusion section): 2314 words

Executive summary
Competing head to head with international companies in the IT industry can have challenges. This paper considers the apparent challenges in the market, how crafting new strategic plans can make a small
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By offering both components and finished products, they have the ability to enhance the revenue generation opportunities by the variety of customers they cater for. However, with the high US dollar and the cost of goods lowering on computer related parts, it is more vital than ever to keep looking for new strategies to maintain profit.
a. Strengths
Wide portfolio of services
Leader provides a wide portfolio of value added services. Leader's services include PC, Laptop, Server, Storage solutions and tablet manufacturing, supply of IT components and telecommunications devices. Warehousing and order fulfilment; assembly and packaging; home and business delivery; service parts logistics, on site repairs. The company also offers a variety of online services, ordering facilities, and shipment tracking. Therefore, a wide range of services enables the company to provide end-to-end solutions to its customers across various industries, which allows for a competitive advantage over some larger less flexible businesses.
Diversified customer base
Leader with such a wide variety of services are able to offer to multiple market segments, including Computer resellers, stationery resellers, Telecommunications providers, Internet Service providers, Small Businesses, Corporate Enterprises and local Government. Having ad broad base of customers allows for direct focus internally and

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