Essay about Substance Dualism Is A Theory Of Mind

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Substance Dualism is a theory of mind that asserts the thesis that there exists the mind (nonphysical) and the body (physical) and that they are two distinct substances. Moreover, it identifies a being immediately with their mind and only secondarily with their body. Logical Behaviorism is branch of philosophical behaviorism. Behaviorism, essentially, is the thesis that mental states, if they exist, are identical to behavioral states. Logical Behaviorism posits that descriptions of mental states are reducible to descriptions of behavioral states. So for example, to say someone is in pain is to say they are exhibiting the behaviors usually associated with pain. Further, it posits that all that one needs to know about mental states can be observed through behavior. In this paper I will briefly describe arguments for and against both and then show that Logical Behaviorism is the more reasonable view. I will also show that it responds well to two problems of mind, the mind body problem and the problem of other minds, better than Substance Dualism; indeed both are problems that arose out of objections to dualism in the first place.
Substance dualism is at least as old as the Platonic dialogues and many arguments and reworking of those arguments have been presented as evidence for the view. The initial temptation toward Substance dualism comes from the seemingly common sense nature of the position. If we ask anyone how they view themselves they would almost certainly view…

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