Summary : ' Time Traveler ' Essay

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Time Traveler?
“Beep Beep Beep” the alarm clock sounding off at 7:00 on a sunny Monday morning. The birds were chirping outside and the sun shining through the curtains. John was standing looking at the clock wondering what it was and how to stop the noise. John then saw a cord hanging out the back of it and looked to be going into the wall. John then took hold of the plug and pulled it out the wall. John didn 't know where he was at, he had never seen a home as nice as this one. He didn 't have any idea what this flat black object was hanging on the wall was or what any of the other appliances around was. He stood in the middle of the room just looking around wondering what is going on. John is going to realize he is in a total different society, but there is going to be a lot of similarities.
John goes down the stairs in the house still looking around wondering where am I and what in the world is all these things with cords going into the walls. John had never seen nothing like that before. He continued to look and wonder as he made his way to the door. John was heading outside. He wanted to look around and find out where he was because he had never seen things like he woke up with. John goes out the door only to see his neighbor Michael out in his yard doing a little yard work. Michael called John over to his yard to greet him and welcome him to the neighborhood. John was wondering why this white man was being so nice to him. Then to set everything off off Michael invites…

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