Supervision and Management Essay

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INTRODUCTION In earlier days, the supervisor was the person in charge of a group of towrope pullers or ditch diggers. That person was literally the “fore man,” since he was up forward of the work crew. His authority consisted mainly of chanting the “one, two, three, up” that set the pace for the rest of the workers. In Germany, the supervisor is still called a vorarbeiter (“fore worker”); in England, the term charge hand is used. Both terms suggest the lead-person origin. The term supervisor has its roots in Latin, where it means “looks over.” It was originally applied to the master of a group of artisans. Today, the supervisor’s job combines some of the talents of the “foreman” (or leader) and those of the “master” (skilled …show more content…
Need For Supervision The effectiveness of the workers depends largely on the supervision they reserve. In other words, quality of work is directly related to the degree of supervision. High degree supervision improves the work; poor supervision leads to poor work. The intensity of supervision, like the force of direction should match situational requirements, employees’ needs and managers’ leadership skills. Supervision must be appropriate in type and intensity for work group members to interact comfortable. When it is inadequate employee’s activities depart dangerously from standards when it is too intense, employee’s initiative and creativity are squelched, e.g. auxiliary personnel and technical nurses, need closer supervision than professional nurse and more intensive patient care needs and greater patient risk from care. Failures dictate a need for more intense supervision. Intensity of supervision should be fitted to the individual employee’s personality quirks. Employees who use others direction need close and continuous supervision by an authority figure and feel abandoned or rejected when supervised indirectly. Other direct employees are likely to become demoralized when a manager’s broad span of control prevents close supervision. An employee’s need for supervision changes during the course of her or his career. Human beings are continuously developing and have constantly changing needs for

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