Essay about Sustaibility Management

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2. WINE PRODUCTION * Background 1 * Medoc 1 * Importance of Wine 2 * Improving the Wine Profits 2 * Sustaining Wine Production 2

3. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT * Background 3 * Recruitment 3 * Development 3 * Aesthetic Labour 3 * Change Management 4

4. MARKETING * Importance 4 * Destination 4 * Social Media 5

5. CONCLUSIONS * Area of Strength 5 * Area of Weakness 5

6. RECOMMENDATIONS * Staff 5 * Management 6 * Hotel 6

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Then the hotel might need more staff. So the recruitment process of the hotel should change, in order to recruit well qualified staff that are perfect for the job and can adjust to the working conditions of the hotel. The hotel should look for employees beyond skills who can perform dimensions such as teamwork, competency models that can help him to establish to do what it takes to do well on the job [O’Fallon J. Michael, 2010].Another aspect in recruitment is retaining the old staff or recruiting experienced staff from other hotels. This is the major plus point as their experience helps them in situational handlings and even for the betterment of the hotel. [Nickson, Dennis; 2007]
Development plays a key role in Human Resource Management. Development of staff can be in anyways. Development should be in moral, mental, physical ways which would help in the better of the hotel to improve in customer satisfaction. The staffs need to be up to date on all the latest trends in the Hotel Industry. [Baum, Tom; 2006] Training should be conducted for newer employees so that they can adjust to the work environment, they can get to know their job well and give their best to their hotel. Regular trainings should be conducted to the employees on new service techniques, latest technology. Training is not just meant for lower level of staff, it can be for any level. The present manager of the hotel should also be developed in

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