Teaching Time Management And The Driving Force Behind Their Academic Success

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Earning while learning may be the key to students one day being handed their diploma. (NEWS)
A part-time job, seen to some students as something forced upon them by parents, is seen to many others as the key to learning time management and the driving force behind their academic success thus far. (CONTEXT) Jeff Atwood, an Oklahoma State University graduate, worked 30 hour weeks at a landscaping business in order to complete his degree.
“I had no financial support from mom and dad, I had just married my girlfriend of 3 years and I needed to be able to support us both,” Atwood said. “I would not have been able to graduate without that job.” (IMPACT)
Students who work a modest number of hours per week are far more likely than other students to persist and earn degrees, according to the University of Pennsylvania 's Graduate School of Education. (SCOPE)
“I was not very committed to studying when I was younger, it took me 3 years of school to realize if I didn’t get my shit together now I would be working construction the rest of my life,” Atwood said. (EDGE)
Atwood got suspended from OSU for his grades his junior year and spent the following summer working for his father’s construction company, debating if he should completely drop out of school or not.
“I was sitting outside one night after working all day in 120-degree heat and decided right then that I was not going to do this the rest of my life,” Atwood said. “I decided I was going to commit myself, I was going to get a…

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