Technology and Time Essay

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In the 21st century, transformations are now occurring globally. The social structure and quality of life are now becoming important issues raised everywhere in awareness of how these aspects are predominantly affecting everyone. In light of the transformations occurring now, in the 21st century, the relationship between leisure, work and society is even more interconnected than ever. For example, the technological breakthroughs in this century are far more than ever. Some of the new technology made now has enabled people to do and make things faster; and yet people are still complaining of working long hours and not having “time for oneself.” Time management, in simple words means prioritizing or controlling the time for all activities in …show more content…
Secondly, keep a time plan enabled me to focus and concentrate on the tasks I found were my first priority. After making the plan I could identify the periods where I was really busy, where too much was being crammed in a day and also found hidden time. This enabled me to change my plan and fill in more time for sleep and leisure activities such as watching TV, going for a movie etc. Some activities changed during the week due to change in lecture and tutorial timings which enabled me to use this time for leisure activities such as going to east coast park with my friends. However, not all activities benefitted me. From my time record it was revealed that there were periods where I was lazy, for example on Monday when I played cards instead of reading my BU1007 slides. It also revealed I get carried away with socializing as I spend so much time out with my friends. These unforeseen events acted as negative outcomes, for example, staying late out at my friends having dinner in Clarke quay resulted in me feeling a sense of exhaustion the next day. This also was marked as a potential stressor in my time plan, confirming my feeling of how this would negatively affect me as from past experiences I’ve identified lack of sleep makes me feel exhausted. Other potential stressors and which resulted in

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