Technology And Writing Through Time Essay

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Technology in Writing through Time Writing has been around or thousands of years, in various forms-lines, stones, hieroglyphs, and so on. It, writing has allowed us, people, to send messages and ideas over lengthy periods of time to now instant messages, and both ways-lengthy and instant ones-have commonly been for sending our messages to others far and distanced from us. The technologies in use have changed, but the intentions are still relatively the same: deliver a message. Technology, literacy rates, who will read a text, and original viruses copied texts will discussed in what it takes to create and deliver a message, from "Should Everybody Write?" by Dennis Baron. Commencing, writing, a shadow of speech, started off as being done with
"old technologies," such as pens, typewriters, and the printing press, among other technologies, and now it is popularly done with computers, swift devices and staples for creating content, that expand writing 's opportunities. Even before the "old technologies," the creation of writing began 7-8 thousand years ago with stone, when most people were illiterate, as a way of keeping track of inventory, for Mediterranean traders. However, in more recent, but still past times, only a few had attempted to learn how to write, as people were not quick on mastering the skill, because of the learning required, the cost of the materials, and because speech was seen as just as good as writing. However, these days, writing is very much so…

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