The Aesthetic Domain Of Education Essay

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Aesthetic Domain
The aesthetic domain of education is the ability to perceive beauty through ones senses. Areas that beauty can be seen by a child are found in art, dance, music and the environment around them. As teachers interact with their students in the classroom, they are able to assist children in identifying beauty in nature and the arts. Children can witness beauty in the areas of visual arts through the opportunities for participation in creating art. Children can also participate in dance and music and gain an appreciation for these areas of art. Through aesthetic instruction, teachers can help their students connect with the beauty around them, and help them connect this beauty to many areas of their learning. The four basic areas in the arts that can be introduced into curriculum in the classroom are dance, music, drama and visual arts. These areas mentioned can vary in activity. Dance offers children the opportunity to move around and express themselves freely, this is easily done with fun music in the classroom. The music might give suggestions for instruction or just offer a fun upbeat to move to. Choreography is another area of dance that allows children to move to music, but is usually arranged by a teacher to express the message of the song. It is important for a teacher to have a class area that children are able to move freely and not hurt themselves. Dance movements can also help children learn parts of their body as well as how to have control and…

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