Essay about The Basic Ideas Of Science Of Mind

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“Perhaps you have had negative habits of thinking, feeling, and acting … If this is so, do not, at this time, concentrate your attention on what you want to get rid of. Instead, devote your efforts primarily to the development of the good qualities which you already possess, but which you have not been using.”
The Basic Ideas of Science of Mind, pg. 36-37

I hesitate to refer to the practical application of the Science of Mind teachings as 'The Think System, ' but that is exactly what it is. You may remember the story of The Music Man, Professor Harold Hill, a traveling salesman who sold children 's band instruments with the promise that he would organize them into a marching band, and teach them how to play before the instruments were even delivered. He called his method of instruction The Think System. He hummed a tune, and told the children to think of playing that tune, to hear themselves playing it in their mind. They were to think the song all day long. He sold the parents and the children on the idea that their innate talent and unique abilities made them musical virtuosos. They looked forward to playing together as a marching band as soon as the instruments arrived. They rehearsed in mind what they thought they wished to do in life. Prof. Hill had planned to skip town before the band instruments arrived, but he didn 't. His system was put to the test, and if it didn 't work he would be put under arrest. Fortunately, The Think System…

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