The Basic Ideas Of Science Of Mind Essay

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Think of Life
“… your main work lies in your thinking. Instead of thinking illness or weakness, think life - Life!” “Take time to think about what most fully represents exultant and joyous life - … Dwell upon this thought, rejoice in it, declare it, give thanks for it, and accept Life as yours right now. Start expressing It in any and every way you can. Your life is the Life of God within you. Keep affirming this continuously.”
The Basic Ideas of Science of Mind, pg. 37

We are to think of something else, if we choose to experience something else, to express something else, to achieve something else. There is no mystery or magic in this. Thought must precede action; and more importantly, those thoughts which precede our actions will determine the nature of those actions. Our thinking limits our doing and our being. If our experience of life is too limited to be satisfactory, it is because our expression of Life is too limited to satisfy our potential. Our possibilities are primarily limited by our thoughts about Life. Our potential is fundamentally limited by what we believe about ourselves. Instead of thinking about all the limiting factors in your life, think of the unlimited nature of an infinite Life; and realize that this infinite Life is your life. We must think of more than what could go wrong. It is not enough to be prepared for the worst. We must prepare ourselves mentally to accept that which is the best of all possibilities. We must be equal in mind to that…

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