The Beautiful Song Of Solomon Essay

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Historically, the Biblical Prophets were a powerful evolving illumination of God, with various ones readily proclaiming that “Our Maker is our Husband.” The beautiful Song of Solomon occurs as a blissful love letter, becoming known as the Holy of Holies. Persistently, throughout the Bible, the prophets portray their allegiance to God and demonstrate the significance of “loving the Lord God, with all our heart, soul and might” (Deut 6:5); however, initially this incredible devotion of these strong warriors existed far from my appreciation.
God of War

In my younger years, I had an enormous problem with the Old Testament, for like a myriad of Christians, I loved the New Testament with all of Christ’s kindness and love; however, when I would try to read the earlier text, the majority of what I extracted from it occurred as an immense quantity of betrayals, battles, and killings. Essentially, I had read the Bible quickly a few times, particularly various parts of the Old Testament, scrutinizing assorted books, trying to assemble some sense of it all; yet, I often ended up experiencing additional confusion. Routinely I would ask various people concerning the texts and read numerous books pertaining to its countless meanings; profoundly nothing ever benefited my search.

Specifically, there were the “holy men,” who professed to be the prophets, enviably traveling the country calling quite a few, whores, harlots, and anything else they could conjure up, making certain all in ear…

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