Essay about The Beautiful Struggle By Tanashi Coates

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The Beautiful Struggle, written by Tanashi Coates is a memoir published May 6, 2008. Coates’s memoir gives you some insight of the upbringing and maturation of his life. In general the memoir gives you an outlook of how Coates and his siblings were raised including the struggles Coates went through that ultimately created a beautiful future for himself. This memoir also portrays the life of a conscious black family growing up in the 80s. Coates’s blunt style of writing expresses the authenticity of the narrative being told.
Coates lived in a rough neighborhood in West Baltimore. His father, Paul Coates being the biggest influence on his life was on a mission to make sure his boys were ready for the world. Paul Coates had seven children by four mothers, Coates and Big Bill are the main children focused in this memoir. Big Bill is a really confident person who is very outgoing and was ready for any challenge presented to him. Coates was the total opposite of his older brother, he was more conservative and awkward. He really didn’t belong in the harsh environment they lived in. Throughout the narrative Coates highlights many situations that describes his childhood and what essentially molded him to be the person he is today. Coates writes about the afro-centric culture that his father influences and his pathway to becoming a conscious man. Coates would read books on untold African history that helped him found himself.
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