Essay on The Body And The Mind Aren 't Separate Things

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What exactly is something that would be considered as a “brain rule”? These rules include things, which scientists know for certain about how the human brain operates. The human brain is a fundamental, physical system that requires sleep, exercise and proper nutrition in order to function optimally. The body and the mind aren’t separate things; the human brain is a physical system which has needs that are physical. John Medina goes into detail in his book, “Brain Rules” about how an individual cannot skimp on things like rest, proper nutrition, exercise and sleep if one wants his/her mind to function at its peak performance. He explains how the brain is malleable and the development of each brain is based not only on the physical environment but through individual experiences as well. He explains how repetition, context and emotion can aid, store and consolidate patterns as memories in the human brain. Another thing he discusses is how the human brain combines new sensory data with long-term memories in order to mentally simulate latent actions before one actually acts. One of the last topics he covers in the book is gender. He discusses how differences in gender exist and how female and male brains have essential physical differences. The human brain remains malleable during the course of one’s life, individuals are continually learning via experimentation and exploration.
Ch. 1: Exercise In this beginning chapter of the book, the author discusses how exercise aids in…

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