The Body Image And How It Affects Your Mind Essay

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Between 1%and 2% of adolescent girls suffer from anorexia nervosa. These teenage girls has transformed their bodies because of the dissatisfaction with their body image. A teen individual goes through development which may change their body in a good way or in a bad way. While researching this topic I came across many things about body image and how it affects the mind. My goal in this paper is to tell you about body image and how it affects your mind. Your body image can also affect you mentally, socially, and physically. Eating disorders are how body image can affect you physically there are consequences to them, but there is also treatment.

When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? If your answer is yes, that means your body image is positive. You may say to yourself, I want to be taller or shorter, thinner or even bigger, if you’re saying that, then your body image may be negative. Your body image is the fundamental view of your body. A person 's body image affects the psychological development of both men and women, but teen adolescent girls are more likely to suffer from the dissatisfaction of their body and result to eating disorders than males. During the teen years your body goes through physical changes that you may not like, but having a positive body image is key.

The factors that contribute to eating disorders and the dissatisfaction of the body are not only personal but it 's also familial and sociocultural. Current research has shown…

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