The Boy Mind Is The Beast Essay

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1. In this section, the main focus on the boys mind is the beast. Ralph calls a meeting to discuss were the beast could be during the daytime. Although no one is sure, the boys believe that the beast could be coming from the ocean. Ralph is also seen to be very agitated throughout chapter five because he is concerned that the island has changed the boys so much that they are almost savages. During the night, a dead man from a plane parachutes down to the island, causing commotion because the boys assume it is the beast. When they try to look for it, the boys go crazy and cannot stop fooling around, which leads to nothing. Later the boys decide to hunt a pig, but only get close to catching one. The boys have this strange vibe going and start to reenact what went down at the pig hunt. Using Roger as the pig, the boys come at him with spears as a joke, which quickly escalates into chaos and Rogers near death. After reading this I start to think that their might be something else taking over the boys sanity. Jack is also the one, who I now realize, is manipulating the group into following what he wants. Jack does this by using the beast to scare the boys and push them to do his bidding. But soon Jack tries to get Ralph out of power and when that doesn’t work he leaves and starts his own tribe. Jack continues to temp Ralphs followers into joining his “tribe”, but is turned down by some. Soon Simon discovers that there is no real beast. When he goes to explain to the others,…

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