The Case Study About A Young Boy Named Marvin Essays

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After reading the case study about a young boy named Marvin who consistently displays defiant and aggressive behaviors towards peers and adults, I have observed that the only thing predictable about his behaviors is that there occur on a daily basis. After reading the running records that were completed through observations that occurred three times daily for two days, I have come to the conclusion that his negative behaviors occurred during almost all times of the day, therefore making it hard to predict these aggressive behaviors. The only time during the two days of observations in which Marvin did not display any misbehaviors was during lunch. Other than that, it seems as though Marvin was disruptive, defiant or aggressive throughout all classroom activities. However, I did notice that Marvin really struggles during whole group activities and also with transitioning. He also gets extremely frustrated when he cannot complete the task he was doing. In regards to his struggles during whole group activities, on the first day of observations he was able to show little self-control during the morning whole group lesson because he pinched his two classmates and could not wait his turn to answer Mrs. Alda’s questions which ended up upsetting his peer Jeremy. On the second day during the morning whole group lesson he was unable to follow directions and went over to the block area instead of listening to Mrs. Alda read the story and refused to rejoin the group.
In regards…

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