The College And University Domain Essays

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Many Victimologists have hypothesized that domains actually create opportunities for specific types of victimization. For example, K–12 schools are specific types of domains that facilitate opportunities for bullying victimization among students. While bullying could certainly occur outside school, there are unique elements of the school domain that create opportunities for bullying, such as the convergence of motivated offenders and suitable targets in the same location at the same time. Like wise, colleges and universities possess characteristics that generate opportunities for particular types of victimization. For instance, many young adults in their late teens and early twenties, many living away from their families for the first time, come together on campus and participate in the routines and lifestyles associated with college life. Some of these college-based routine activities and lifestyles are relatively safe class, while others are inherently risky. Different domains produce opportunities for different types of victimization or unique circumstances under which victimizations can occur, based on differences in the quantities of offenders, targets, and guardianship present within them.
The college and university domain is sometimes referred to as an ivory tower that is set apart, out of touch, and sheltered from the problems of the real world. However, college students and faculty will likely be quick to disagree. Colleges and universities serve a fairly homogeneous…

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