Essay on The Connection Between Her Mind

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When KC passed out, the link between her and Hototo was broken. Her magic; however, remained, expelling the drugs she’d been given. As she recovered, she began to dream; quick flashes of dreams; like her mind was channel surfing, trying to find a suitable dream to focus on. Soon she entered REM sleep and Hototo called out to her from across the Dream Lands. She awoke lying on the couch: her head on a soft pillow and her body drenched in sweat. “What happened?” She asked. No one answered, Hototo had no way of knowing and there was no one else there. With an effort, she kicked off a light blanket that covered her and she sat up. A damp cloth, resting on her forehead, slide off and landed on her lap. The room was trashed; broken glass everywhere. All bedroom doors were open and the rooms looked like they had been sacked. The front door hung wide open as well. “Where’s Aramis?” Again, no answer. She used the wet cloth to wipe her face and applied it to the back of her head. She found a really large bump on the back of her head. “Have the children do a search of the ship.” That was directed to Hototo. Her children, she called them Kindergeist, Poltergeist actually meant “Nosie ghost”. If Aramis was on the ship, they would find him. She had a feeling he was gone but her head hurt too much to think about it now. “Soon, you must leave.” That was Hototo. He reported: Aramis was gone; the intruders were gone; both shuttles were gone; the Apaches Spooks…

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