Essay about The Core Domain Of The P53 Gene

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in the core domain of the p53 gene that likely play a large role as it is what PRIMA-1 and APR-246 drugs can bind to (Bykov, 2016). The p53 gene is restructured based on the folding that occurs from the drugs binding to the cysteine, causing it to return to the wild-type shape. The first clinical trial using APR-246 was conducted on prostate cancer and hematological malignancies. Overall safety and clinical effectiveness of this trial was defined as “good” (Bykov, 2016). APR-246 is currently going through a clinical trial of patients with high-grade serious ovarian cancer. Research has shown a strong relationship demonstrated between APR-246 and chemotherapeutic drugs. The effect of APR-246 may go beyond just p53. The structure of p63 and p73 both also contain the 10 cysteines in their primary core domain and APR-246 can cause mutations in these genes to also go back to a normal biological response (Bykov, 2016). Further research could therefore be conducted testing the efficacy of APR-246 and p63 or p73 to see if it will affect the p53 pathway and reinstalling the tumor suppressor gene.
Researchers in China approved Gendicine as the first type of gene therapy for clinical use. Gendicine is a recombinant adenovirus of the p53 wild-type that was found to be effective in 20 or more types of cancers in combination with radiotherapy (Ajith, 2015). This rAd-p53 gene entered clinical trials to test the effect it had in combination with a different treatment method including…

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