Essay on The Dairy Industry For A Short Time

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First of all, according to Nossal and Sheng, there is a downturn in the dairy industry for a short time. (Nossal & Sheng, 2010) Different large famous enterprises have been exposed that their products were contaminated with melamine. The dairy industry has been faced with a crisis of confidence. Nossal and Sheng believed the effect of the melamine incident may be impossible to be removed in a short time. Although most of the poisoned babies were related to San Lu, with many domestic companies inspected that their products contained melamine, the public have lost their confidence to domestic dairy products. (Nossal & Sheng, 2010) No matter the melamine content is enough to cause damage to people’s health, the existence of chemical material which is not related to food has become a deterrent force for people’s continuous consumption in the point of Nossal and Sheng. (Nossal & Sheng, 2010) This mental effect cannot be removed in a short time. It needs government and manufacturers to make great effort to remove the shadow from people’s minds. The dairy industry will proceed in hardship for some time in the future.
Second, Liu et al thought the disadvantages of Chinese brands will be further reflected. (Liu et al, 2010) The enterprises would face with a large number of claims and the sales of Chinese milk powder would extremely shrink. In the view of Liu et al, Chinese dairy companies were always only able to compete with international famous brands of the low-end products, in…

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