The Death Of A Beautiful Woman Essay

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“The death of a beautiful woman, is unquestionable the most poetic topic in the world” is once said by the late Edgar Allan Poe. Poe is a well know poet for his dark poetry and which some of his poetry includes nature, and romance. Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston to Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe and David Poe Jr. who were both actors. After two years after Poe was born his father left Poe and his mother while she struggled to support them while being sick. His mother passed away a few months later from tuberculosis. This made Poe traumatized because he lost his own mother. Poe was soon fostered by John and Frances Allan who weren’t able to have their own children. They provided Poe many thing that his biological mother couldn’t afford like private school, and college. John Allan never legally adopted Poe which after he passed he didn’t leave anything for Poe and didn’t love Poe like his wife did before she passed. Frances loved and protected him very much until Poe left home to go to college and never talked to her very much due to the conflict between him and John. She soon passed away when Poe was away and not on speaking terms, he felt guilty for not being there for her. Both mothers that Poe had soon died of an illness and it affected him because they gave him love. As for John he gave Poe very little money for college because Poe had been drinking and gambling all he had. Poe felt lonely when both mother passed and had a lot of grieving and John didn’t love or…

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