Essay about The Diffrence in Time

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The Difference in Time
As Friday sun-rays intrude my room, I stretch out lazily predicting the routine that I will go through. This day of the week is the gathering day, the day different generations come together to meet up in my grandparents' house. We look forward to this day to share stories about what had happened earlier. Although the gathering unites one family, it brings together different generations. This sometimes raises conflicts especially in the way we spend time. We settle down to talk after a delicious Friday lunch, and the big gathering slowly breaks down to smaller gatherings between ‘similar groups’. On one side I am sitting with my cousins sharing and discussing ideas on how to spend the rest of the day and
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With the end of this ‘defense report’, my grandma smiles and says: “Indeed it is useful; your time is different than our time.” This sentence makes me thankful and grateful to have an understanding family. A family, regardless of the difference in time, understands that globalization and technology have rearranged priorities and that things are now done in a different way. However, doesn’t mean that I am exempt of listening to the second part of the ‘lecture’. The lecture is not just a comparison but also a piece of our culture and history. I can’t remember the first time I heard this story, but it still impresses me. Cooking, which involved more than making sandwiches or even baking some cupcakes, was one of their free time activities which then evolved into a skill or even a profession. Other household activities such as weaving and looking after other siblings took most of their time. Their time was more concentrated within the house and the family. This was mostly due to the fact that other than the word of mouth, there were very few means of communications between people and no places to ‘hang out’ at other than their house or with the ‘mutawa’a’ that used to teach them Quran. At that time mothers as well as their daughters were concerned about marriage. Mothers would choose girls that are able to accomplish household activities to be their daughters in law and this, as my grandma states,

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