The Domain Of The Source Essays

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The domain of the source is “.gov” which means the US Government is in control of the website. An assumption can be made that all the information is legitimate, because it is under the supervision of the government. The author of the article is Mae Bowen, however there is no background knowledge of the author. The author has a bias tone towards the topic, which is the Civil Rights Act. The tone the author presents about the topic is positive. The tone is appropriate because the Civil Rights Act was a great achievement. The article also has quotes from the late president Lyndon B. Johnson himself, about the topic. The addition of quotes makes the information seem more accurate. It also makes it more bias. There is also a quote from Obama about the topic. This proves the information is current. The article is less than a year old, it was published in July, 2015. Also, having a quote from Obama makes the source more trustful because Obama holds high authority. All the information was focused on the topic, and it provided a brief yet sufficient amount of detail on the topic of the Civil Rights Act. The source is efficient, and was very relative to our topic of Lyndon B. Johnson.

The civil rights legislation was proposed by President John. F. Kennedy. After his death, Lyndon B. Johnson continued to pass the act. The Civil Rights Act enacted in 1964. The Civil Rights Act outlawed discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, or national origin. The Act essentially banned…

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